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Living Room

The living room is perhaps the most happening portion of your home. It’s where people meet with each other to interact and where social gatherings take place. Therefore, it is necessary to have the ideal flooring for your living room, one that will have a positive impact and spread good vibes.


When choosing the materials for your kitchen, be sure to select durable materials that are versatile against wear and tear. People hardly realize the significance of flooring in the overall look of the kitchen. Olympia Floors provides flooring services that can match any taste, including natural stone

Floor Carpeting

Floor carpeting has become a very popular trend in today’s times. Additionally, it can be cheaper when compared to most other flooring solutions. There are carpets of many different quality types, styles, and materials, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, and wool

Stair Carpeting

 A home is made safer, more inviting and cozier by the  touch of warmth that stair carpeting adds to it. It greatly reduces noise and its softer landing provides more traction and safety by preventing serious injuries from slips and falls. The color of your home’s décor can be complemented by stair carpeting  

Wooden Floor

Wooden floors provide a classic touch to every room, and come with so many great benefits. Some of the advantages you enjoy in having wooden flooring is that it enhances the look of the home, is strong and durable, adds value to your home, has low maintenance and is easy to clean, looks great in all décor themes

Who We Are

We take pride in having expertise in every area of flooring. To make you aware of all the special services that you will enjoy with Olympia Floors, we have provided all the information in the sections below.

We are a world-class flooring company that is the gold standard in one-stop flooring centers in Chicago and all its surrounding areas. Our quality products and lifetime warranty installations enhance all the residential and commercial spaces that we work on and leave our creative mark on. We have an extensive selection of the world-wide collection of tony brands for you to choose from that meet all your flooring needs. Our satisfied customers are always referring us to their family and friends because we never fail to provide complete customer satisfaction.

How We Work

1. Free Consultation & Measuring

The first step when installing carpet is taking accurate measurements of the room. Measure the length and width of the room and multiply these measurements together to find the square footage. If the room isn’t a perfect rectangle, measure the room’s square footage in sections and add them together to find the sum square footage. For the purposes of this guide, we assume the room where you’re laying carpet is square or rectangular.

2. Select Flooring and Installation

The next step is to help you make the right selection of your dream flooring. This includes going through our vast selection of flooring options to fulfill your needs. We advise you and help you select the ideal flooring upon your discussing those needs and tastes with us. We install vinyl flooring, tile, hardwood and laminate, and create absolute masterpieces of your floors.

3. Guarantee the Installation for Life

Olympia Floors provides you with all your flooring materials and needs, and offers a variety of installation services, all with a lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. This has been our motto for over 30 years that we have been serving the Chicago and greater Illinois area. There is no better feeling than a satisfied customer.

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