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Discover the Best Carpet for High Traffic Areas

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We can see that carpets have become one of the most common choices in floor installation today. The only problem is that carpets are delicate and must be maintained in a proper manner. As a full-service, one-stop flooring center, Olympia Floors is often asked which are the best carpet options for installation in high traffic areas. With this in mind, we decided to upload this blog to provide you with all the information related to the particular topic. 

It is very important that you note that, when looking to install carpets in a high traffic area, it is imperative that you choose snag-free, slip-free materials that can hold their shape in the due course of time. Most modern carpets (with a few exceptions) are designed to withstand heavy traffic. Hence the decision-making depends on personal factors such as style preferences, renovation budget, maintenance, etc. 

Let’s now discuss what carpets are actually made of. Carpets are constructed from thousands of fibers that are woven together and attached to a sturdy backing by industrial machinery. There are four basic types of fibers to choose from:

  • Nylon Carpet Fiber –  This is one of the most common kinds of carpets available in the market. When treated properly, nylon is a well-rounded fiber that has its perks i.e wide range of patterns, durable, stain-resistant, many styles, etc. In addition, carpets made of nylon fibers are easily maintained.
  • Olefin Carpet Fiber –  Olefin is just another name for polypropylene, often used to make both outdoor and indoor carpeting. It has certain qualities which include being both stain and moisture resistant. The only notable drawback is that olefin is less durable than the other materials.
  • Polyester Carpet Fiber –  Just like olefin, polyester is also a man-made substance that also goes by the name of polyethylene terephthalate or PET. This material also is durable and was designed mainly to balance performance with affordability. Carpet prices per square yard are not much in this case, while also providing a luxury feel and look.
  • Wool Carpet Fiber –  Wool is considered one of the ideal choices for high traffic carpeting requirements. Whether you wish to install carpets in your living room or stairs, Olympia Floors often recommends wool carpet fiber. Wool carpets keep your feet cozy during the chilly months.

Well, now you certainly must have gained clarity about the choices you have available in suitable carpets for high traffic areas. You will find there are some shops that offer services related to carpet sales and installation. Olympia Floors is the premier full-service, one-stop flooring center in Chicago that offers every flooring service, including installation, of the highest quality and at the greatest prices around. We have been in this great profession for quite a very long time providing world-class flooring services at pocket-friendly prices. Therefore, if you are seeking any sort of assistance with your flooring and carpeting, simply get in touch with Olympia Floors right away. Go through our website for more information. Thank you so much.

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