Increase Your Home’s Value
Published on: December 11, 2020
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Increase Your Home's Value

Does home value increase when you upgrade your flooring?

Some folks at first are hesitant and even frightened of the cost and troubles of replacing their home’s flooring because they don’t really know to what extent replacing it is worth it; for, at first, many think it’ll just make their homes look better for a while, and that’s it. That is why information is so valuable and important, because, for instance, when you lack it, it is understandable that, depending on the flooring choice, that new flooring might at first seem inconvenient, complicated and very, very expensive. Will it noticeably increase home value? Whether you’re wondering about doing something to the flooring in a new home or you’re wishing on renovating your current home, you may harbor inhibitions about investing what at the moment you’re thinking might be too much in your flooring. Is it really that important what’s under our feet? Half of it is covered by furniture, anyway. Notwithstanding the furniture argument, there are indeed PLENTY of valid reasons to put some effort, thought, and money into your home’s flooring.

Overall home value increases with new flooring

If you plan on selling your home soon, your home value will increase substantially by adding hardwood flooring, not to mention it’d help you sell quicker due to the WOW factor that it’ll make prospective buyers immediately feel when they enter your home. It may be under your feet, but it covers the large surface area that makes up the living space of your home, plus it’s one of the first things that’s noticeable. New flooring is one of the first important things you can do to increase your home’s value in the long run, even when you are not contemplating selling — which goes to show you how much more important the choice of new flooring truly is. Olympia Floors advises choosing something that will stand the test of time so that when selling time DOES arrive, your floors look brand-spanking new.

A home has a new style, look and feel when its flooring is updated

It’s always amazing what new flooring can do for the overall ambiance and appearance of a home. It can pull a hallway or room together, elevate the style and provide a touch of warmth and natural variation that brings inside the beauty of nature. One of the few design ideas that help make a home look more modern is new flooring. Have you not noticed that to like a room one must like its flooring?

Increase Your Home's Value

Hardwood flooring provides cleanliness and health benefits 

When you’re thinking beyond a lot of allergens and dust that, no matter how much you clean it, still stay tucked into the fibers of a carpet, then you’re thinking beyond the traditional choice of wall-to-wall carpeting. With carpet, even regular, professional cleaning can’t completely eliminate the stamped-in dirt and germs. Hardwood flooring offers an easy-to-clean, sleek, beautiful surface that is not fond of holding onto odors and stains in the manner other floorings love to.

Annoyances that added up over the years are eliminated by new flooring

Your existing flooring might be scratched, scraped, damaged or/and just too hard to keep clean anymore (you heard me, carpet!). You can substantially decrease the time you have been spending cleaning and repairing your old floors if you replace them with beautiful and efficient hardwood floors. You should select your hardwood, though. Eucalyptus or bamboo are more attractive and durable options — after all, you’re upgrading, aren’t you? The beauty is that your home value increases by more than double what you invest in your new flooring. So YES, new flooring is well worth it because YES it does increase home value on top of making your home so beautiful that it sells quicker.

Olympia Floors has the complete collections of hardwood floors and every flooring material, design, style and color you can imagine — all at the greatest prices in Chicago. And we install it for you with a lifetime warranty too.

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