Give your Washroom a Classy Look with Olympia Floors

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Give your Washroom a Classy Look with Olympia Floors

Olympia Floors

In this blog, Olympia Floors discusses how you can make your washroom look very classy. What we often fail to realize is that our bathrooms are a busy area, therefore their flooring should be made of the kind of material that can stand up to challenges. It should be waterproof, stain-resistant, durable yet beautiful. However, your style preferences notwithstanding, getting a washroom floor that has all the aforementioned qualities is not a very difficult task. Please give this blog a diligent read to obtain full knowledge of the matter.

Olympia Floors often sees that people love installing hardwood floors throughout their house. Do you do too? If so, then you can choose to extend that wonderful Wood-Look to your washroom as well. The materials that help you attain this are luxury vinyl and classic tiles. Luxury vinyl ticks all the “musts” of bathroom flooring and also provides the wood look at a very cheap price. You can also choose to stick with the ultimate classic tiles. They are now available in a great variety of sizes and styles that can even give you the hardwood look. 

When it comes to classic tiles, it is always best to opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles. Both of these materials come in a wide array of colors and designs. Painted tiles are now a top trend in bathroom design. If you want to attain the look of tile, luxury vinyl is a great pick. Laminate flooring has also emerged as a great alternative for washroom flooring. It is both durable and cost-effective and also comes in a variety of water-resistant options. You can try to mix and match sizes if you go with tile flooring. This will definitely add to the visual interest with wonderful patterns all across the bathroom floor. Choosing a non- traditional tile shape is also a viable option. Octagons and hexagons have proven to be very popular choices for washroom flooring. 

Olympia Floors is confident that the information provided in this blog will be helpful to you. You will now be able to make an informed and educated decision when choosing the best possible material for your washroom flooring. After that, all that remains is for you to find a reliable flooring service for the installation of your floor. Speaking of which, the best one in Chicago is Olympia Floors, with the highest quality services at the greatest prices in the region. We are a full-service one-stop flooring center that has been one of the most eminent flooring and installation service providers for such a very long time. This has helped us gain the complete experience and capability to successfully handle any difficulty and to beautifully fulfill all flooring requirements. The world-class Olympia Floors has it all and does it all when it comes to flooring. So contact us TODAY to have your washroom flooring impeccably done.

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