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Interested in hardwood flooring? Good for you! Know all about the different hardwood flooring styles and types that Olympia Floors has for you so you can find the best hardwood floors for your home or office. Hardwood floors give a rich, warm feel and look with natural character and unrivaled beauty that is a symbol of strength and style. Both the beauty and value of your home increase tremendously with hardwood. Nothing comes close to hardwood flooring when it comes to natural beauty, warmth and ease of cleaning. Today’s hardwood floors require lower maintenance and offer more durability than ever before, thanks to modern milling and advanced finishing techniques, in both the engineered and solid woods. From high close stained wood to wide plank floors with a prominent grain and matte finish, you will find a hardwood floor that suits any lifestyle and matches every home décor style. Olympia Floors’ exclusive wood flooring brands, including Voyager and Rustic River, offer a wide variety of styles, colors, species and textures, plus top performance technologies.

The complete world-variety of types of wood floors is all available today at Olympia Floors, including engineered, solid, unfinished and prefinished options. It is crucial to always take into account the levels of foot traffic and the degree of moisture, humidity, sunlight, and other factors in the particular space where you’re planning to install your new hardwood. Knowing all the benefits and features of each of your options as well as how they will be impacted in your home space greatly helps in determining the perfect floor for  the way you love to live.

A classic touch is added throughout your home by hardwood’s swirling burnished figures and distinctive grains. Its rich character is timeless and always trending. Hardwood flooring is the perfect matrimony of elegance and practicality to your home’s improvement, due to its being long lasting, great looking and such a huge investment in the overall value of your house.

Types of Wood Floors:

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood comes in a plank of one solid species of wood. Solid hardwood flooring that is properly maintained lasts for many decades.   

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring is made of multi-layers of wood, with each layer positioned in a different direction. The top layer is a veneer of solid wood that is available in different species of hardwood.

There are several styles of wood flooring available at Olympia Floors:

Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is perfect to create a historical appearance with antique applications and a more earthy or rustic look as well. Plank flooring is also available in strips, but these are wider strips, usually from 8” through 3”.

Strip Flooring

An illusion that a room is larger than it is is produced by strip flooring and the traditional look it creates. This flooring is available in strips with thicknesses of 5/16” through 3/4” and widths that range from 1 1/2” through 2 1/2”.  

Wire-Brushed Floors

Wire-brushed floors mimic the lived-on charm of hand-scraped hardwood floors with a more moderate, less apparent level of distress applied to its faux wear markings. They offer the enduring beauty of today’s innovations in urethane finishes too.

Hand-Scraped Floors

One of today’s most appealing looks in hardwood flooring is what hand-scraped hardwood floors have become. Hand-scraped hardwood floors boast today’s most enduring urethane finishes while beaming with charm and character. They perfectly replicate the look of centuries of lived-on wear or of reclaimed wood.

Olympia Floors has Hardwood for Every Room

Solid hardwood performs well in high-traffic areas such as living rooms, hallways, and entryways. But Olympia Floors does not recommend it for the areas of your home that are prone to moisture. Engineered hardwood floors have today been afforded the flexibility for installation above, at, or even below grade, thanks to the new advances in technology. To prevent shrinking/bowing in moisture-prone cool areas, several layers of construction have been bonded together.

This proactive construction prevents it from bowing and warping in the way old hardwood floors used to in moisture areas. Most grade levels of a home are good enough for the installation of Engineered hardwood, including below ground level if a protective moisture barrier is installed along with it.

All of Olympia Floors’ hardwood flooring selections and styles are clearly labeled for performance in a variety of applications and conditions. We have icons indicating a style’s suitability for commercial or residential settings. We indicate where they are best used – Below Level (below grade and at ground level, grade) or Above Level. 

Be sure to use these icons and obtain our verbal advice and guidance when you visit our store in Chicago to help make your decision easier and better.  

Compare Olympia Floors’ Wide Array of Hardwood Looks 

In the new flooring design process for your home, you’re likely to decide early on on the actual species of wood you’ve been dreaming about. Olympia Floors is able to help you immediately identify the hardwood flooring types that capture your interest: maple, walnut, oak, beech, cherry, hickory, pecan or exotic imports.

Olympia Floors’ flooring specialists will happily assist you in selecting the hardwood flooring styles and types to perfectly fit all your needs when you visit our Chicago store.

Know the Variations in Hardwood

There are many factors that will determine how your floor will turn out. The coloring of a wood and how much natural variation there is in its grain must be considered, as they contribute to the wood’s endless appeal. How shiny the wood appears varies according to a gloss level rated as matte (low), satin (medium) or gloss (high). Olympia Floors always recommends that in high traffic areas you use a matte finish to maintain your hardwood floor’s appearance, while on the hardwood flooring of a formal space you are to use high gloss finishes when you wish to add grandeur and elegance to it.

These are all elements that make a difference in how your hardwood floor will look, and you’re sure to get the look you want because our flooring specialists help you identify those differences.  All it takes is for you to share with us all your flooring thoughts, dreams and questions, so you can learn from Olympia Floors’ flooring specialists all about the small details that are the ones that make a big difference when you’re transitioning from old hardwood floors to new. 

The Ending of Your Choice

With hardwood, every detail – no matter how small it might seem – can greatly contribute to the look of your hardwood floors. Even the configuration of the strip’s edge contributes to the look of the hardwood floor you installed. Olympia Floors offers you the choice of square edge (flat and smooth surface), micro bevel (that your fingertips can feel the mild bevel), or full bevel (visually separates the strips by the forming of a strong groove so you can focus your eye on the grain line) by many strips (or planks – the wider version).

All these elements are the straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back that make the difference in how your hardwood floor will look to your specifications: Olympia Floors helps you identify those differences so you’re sure to get the look you want. 

So come to our great store in Chicago TODAY so Olympia Floors can get to work helping your new hardwood flooring dreams come true at the greatest price in the region.

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