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How To Care For Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are a guaranteed way to add value and comfort to your home, but they require regular attention to keep them in pristine condition.Taking proper care of hardwood floor is essential if you want them to last a long time. Routine cleaning is the key to protecting and maintaining your floor’s appearance. Particular cleaning protocols need to be followed to prevent damage to the floor’s surface.Damage can be minimised by regularly cleaning and by observing a few maintenance and prevention measures.

To maintain wooden flooring one must keep in mind that wood floors are natural and they will get affected by the changing environment. But don’t feel stressed if you see some gap during the dry season,if the wood doesn’t shrink back into the place during the humid season,then we are here to take care of it.

Slight maintenance can be done which includes polishing your floor in every two to three months.These finishes seal and protect the wood underneath and give your floor a glossy shine. Normal wear and tear will eventually leave visible scratches and make the surface dull. 

Polishing periodically with a buffing pad can renew and refresh its appearance by restoring shine, buffing away microscopic scratches and evening out the floor’s surface.Every few decades, sand and refinish wood floors to make them look new again.The beauty of wood flooring is its ability to become typically, solid, wood floors can be re-sanded five to ten times during the expected lifespan.Now the question of whom to choose to get the process done arises. In that case, you can rely on Olympia Floors. Located in Chicago, we provide all solutions related to flooring and carpeting requirements. Our services are not just confined to stair carpeting but also include kitchen flooring, living room flooring, wooden flooring etc. So worry no more and rely on us for the best service at an affordable price.

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