How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

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How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

Olympia Floors

We just loooove to decorate our home with hardwood flooring! Hardwood floors are, however, a considerable investment that make it an important factor to consider, for over time your hardwood floors could also experience gaps within their planks. 

What causes these gaps in our hardwood floors over time you might ask?  Well the answer is quite simple: due to the unforgiveness of time and changing weather conditions, the hardwood floors are susceptible to expansion and contraction. The summertime heat expands them and the chilliness of winter causes them to shrink back down again. If they experience water damage the hardwood shrinks when dried. Those are the reasons that generate these gaps. 

To avoid or resolve such a predicament, or to combat these gaps that permanently damage the integrity of the hardwood floor’s beauty and elegance, one must install engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is so very beneficial to combat this problem because this type of hardwood allows the layer of plywood to shift and move more easily when accordingly adjusted to humidity changes. Both of these hardwood floorings share similar traits such as texture, designs and finish but the engineered hardwood prevents it from developing such gaps over time and its elegance and shine is preserved for years and years. 

If you are contemplating the installation of hardwood floors in your home or work venue, the first matter of business that must be prioritized (after you’ve first already chosen the professional floor technicians who will handle everything for you, of course)  is that the floor technicians must first test the humidity of your house or workplace to acclimate the hardwood in your place. This is incredibly important if you live in a humid area, as it can cause warping, bowing, gaps, etc., in your floors. After gauging the humidity of your place,  your floor technicians can proceed to install the best hardwood flooring of your preference in accordance to the conditions of your place. 

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