How to Maintain your Laminate Floors

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How to Maintain your Laminate Floors

Olympia Floors

Laminate is incredibly convenient and efficient in many ways for its durability and easy maintenance, etc. However,  just like any type of flooring, it does require regular cleaning. With its chameleon ability to look just like hardwood, ceramic, or stone, laminate is a great option for high traffic and congested areas. 

Tips for Washing Laminate Flooring:

For general cleaning of laminate flooring, Olympia Floors recommends using a mop or a damp mop to prevent accumulation of dirt and germs. Vacuuming is also greatly effective in the cleaning of laminate floors. General cleaning such as regular daily sweeping is encouraged by Olympia Floors for laminate flooring. 

Can Vinegar be Used in Cleaning Laminate Floors?

This happens to be a very common, popular query in respect to laminate floor cleaning; the answer turns out to be, YES. Vinegar can be used to clean laminate floors and in fact is great at bringing back the shine to your laminates. To prepare the ideal, proper vinegar cleaning solution you must dilute it by using three parts water with one part vinegar. Comprendo? Lovingly spray the solution onto your laminates and then wipe it with a dry cloth or mop. Once this procedure is completed your floor will spotlessly shine like a mirror.  

Preventing Damage to Your Laminate Floors:

To prevent damage or to maintain good laminate flooring conditions, it is highly advised never to walk with spiked shoes or high heels over your laminate floors.The use of door mats is recommended by Olympia Floors to prevent the entry of dirt and dust particles. Do not use soap or detergent-based cleaners, wax-based products any type of polish or steam cleaner on your laminate floors. 

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