Stain Your Existing Hardwood Floors
Published on: December 04, 2020
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Stain Your Existing Hardwood Floors

How to Stain Your Existing Hardwood Floors

Olympia Floors is now going to show you how pretty easy and economical it is to refinish the old hardwood floors you already have installed in your home. This is in the event you wish to refinish them with a darker varnish rather than going through the full expense of having a whole new floor put in. 

Select your varnish

Order several samples of the varnish you seem to like the most, so you can see how they look against your existing furniture before you start the task. Be sure to test the varnish samples on a flooring plank that is often hidden from view (i.e. inside a closet or under furniture/rug).

The warranty for hardwood floors tend to recommend/discourage a particular type of finish, so be sure to abide by your particular warranty’s requirements when you are deciding on which varnish to go for, because you certainly wouldn’t want your warranty to be voided. 

Have all your tools ready

The basic list of the tools you’ll be needing to refinish your floors is the following:

  • Finish Applicator 
  • Ventilation Mask  
  •  Goggles/Safety Glasses 
  • Your Selected Varnish
  • Industrial Sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Scraper

Sand your floors completely

To get the correct result, you likely need several rounds of sanding in order to remove all the old finish from your floorboards. Just be sure to vacuum up the dust created after every round. You will need to use your scraper to sand the edges of your floor in the areas where your sander may not reach. It is important that you do so.

Vacuum all the dust, dirt, and debris

You must make sure that this time you completely get rid of ALL dust, dirt, and debris thoroughly, because you will begin to varnish your floor right after this. 

Apply the varnish

Now you follow the varnish manufacturer’s instructions as you apply the varnish on your floors, because not doing so can void your warranty. It will take several coats of varnish, likely 3 or 4, so make sure to buff your floor with a clean rag in between coats to remove any impurities. And DO NOT varnish yourself into a corner!

Let the varnish dry on your floor 

Before using that room again after you have completed applying the finish on its floor, you may need to leave the floor to dry for a period of 24 hours. To be certain, just check with your finish manufacturer to find out how long you should leave the room to dry and if you should close or open windows during this time. 

Well, there you go! If you’ve followed every one of Olympia Floors’ instructions, your refinishing will have turned out great and you’ll be able to enjoy it for quite some time.

If you have any other inquiries or if you prefer to have your floors refinished by Olympia Floors’ flooring specialists, remember we are always here at your service in our one-stop shop for EVERYTHING flooring. You already know that the high quality and great prices of our flooring services simply cannot be beat in Chicago.

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