Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Flooring
Published on: February 05, 2021
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Step by step Guide to Choosing Flooring olympia floor

Important Things to Know Prior to Purchasing Your New Floors

Homeowners tend to automatically ask themselves where they should start off whenever they decide to replace their old flooring. From comparing soft surface  versus hard surface options to choosing among all the colors, styles, and textures, the whole process could feel somewhat overwhelming. However, when Olympia Floors has already well-informed you and you have a great idea of what exactly is it that you want, it can all become more manageable and fun even.

You should always ask yourself the following thoughtful questions about what floors are going to best  work within the greater scheme of the vision you have for beautifying your home. Make your own personal list as accurately as possible of your responses to the following questions. This is going to make it that much easier for you to decide on a flooring option that you will absolutely love and that will serve your home the way you dream it to.

Olympia Floors assures you that you are going to love your new floors if you listen to us. All it takes is some consideration around budget, styles, and conditions to achieve your desired result. 


1. In which room do you wish to install your new floor?

Some flooring options are better fits for specific rooms depending on your home life. The floors of rooms for people with disabilities that use a cane, walker or wheelchair should be done in wood; there’s no better choice to accommodate such apparatus. Rooms that will see moisture and need water-resistant or waterproof flooring, such as bathrooms and kitchens, go great with tile. All residential carpets are a great fit for bedrooms, but not all carpets are a good fit for high-traffic areas. You will prefer carpet with high stain resistance and durability if you have pets or kids in the room you want new carpet for. So remember that the first thing you need to ask yourself is what use you’ll be giving the room that you want to install new floors in.

2. Are there any specific climate conditions in the room where you wish to install new flooring?

Check the temperature conditions of the room you wish to install new floors in. Does that room ever have humidity? Tile is great for rooms with humid temperatures, but some wood flooring can be warped and mold can be created in some carpets due to humidity. For the same reason, vinyl or laminate are a good fit as a flooring choice for a basement that will likely see more moisture than ground level or upstairs rooms. If your desired look for your basement is wood, then you can still achieve it with vinyl and laminate because their styles today have incredibly realistic textures and visuals mimicking wood.

3. Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies?

Even though there are allergens everywhere, some flooring choices help diminish their presence better than others. Most people are not aware of the fact that carpet actually improves symptoms of allergies and asthma. That’s right! Carpets are passive air filters that trap pollen, dust and other allergy-causing particles and remove them from your breathing zone. To improve your home’s air quality, all you have to do is remember to regularly vacuum those allergens out of your carpet. Soft flooring options are even easier to clean now, thanks to recent innovations. So if you choose the right carpet for it, your flooring can fight for you in the battle against allergies! Cool!


4. What impact will your new floor have on your home’s current design?

There are strategic color options you can choose if ever you’re concerned that your new floor could affect the decor options and color schemes of your home. Neutral colors forever match the widest range of decor, so you must always remember this before you start choosing colors. You can always remove or add bold style elements like fun, quirky furniture pieces or bright area rugs to change the feel of a room. Lighter colored floors can make a space that used to feel cramped seem open and larger. In the same manner of vision trickery, a room feels cozier and warmer if it has a darker colored floor.

Step by step Guide to Choosing Flooring olympia floor

5. Do you believe you will like the way the new floor you want would coordinate with the rest of the flooring in your home?

Follow your dreams by being bold and daring and never shy away from the new surface you truly want just because the rest of your home has a uniform type of flooring. The overall layout can be complemented by the new floor that you want even if it has a different texture or is a new category altogether. Olympia Floors will work with you to design that perfect blended feel that you’re looking for, that transitions beautifully throughout your home. As they popularly say nowadays ‘Do You’ and never be afraid to explore the wonderfully different choices and patterns Olympia Floors has to offer you that make you unique.

6. Will the type of new floor that you want be stressful to care for and maintain?

You are making an investment each time you buy a new floor, and just like with most things, to ensure that you get the most out of your investment for as long as possible you need to give your new floors proper upkeep. Carpet requires professional cleaning at least once a year. Over time, you might need to refinish your hardwood floors. For those who are always pressed for time and have an active home, it might be better for them to choose a surface that cleans quickly like LVT or laminate, because you cannot truly enjoy your lovely floors when the upkeep they require is stressing you out.


7. Does your new floor require that everything done to it be done by professionals or is it humble and flexible, allowing you to do just about everything to it yourself, including installation, so it can be more simple and cost-effective to you?

Some floors just want to be handled strictly by pros while others are much humbler and simple. Yes, from the start, some flooring options should be installed by professionals only. Consider that your subfloors will need to be level and in good shape before installing new flooring. Before installing certain types of floors, you’ll also need to make sure that the inside temperature of your home is appropriate. Similarly, installing carpet is not only a precise process with a small margin for error, it requires equipment and tools that you may not know how to use properly or that you may not even have altogether handy. Consider all your options; you will decrease your budget if you’re able to install your new floors yourself, though Olympia Floors has the best floor installation prices in Chicago, accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

8. Will your new floor create any additional expenses?

To prepare the perfect budget, you must always be sure to factor in every cost related to your new floor that you already know of before your project begins, such as the cost of hiring professional installers, etc; and depending on the type of flooring you choose and the quality of the subfloor, consider that there might be additional costs and work to prep the room. Flooring products like rigid hardwood planks will require a precisely flat surface, but some other types can be installed over irregular subfloors. Ask yourself things like: ‘Once the new floor is finally installed, will the thresholds and trim need to be replaced?’ When someone is already working on a tight budget, even smaller costs will make a huge difference and dent to the pockets. You will save yourself of some potential headaches in the long run if you have a clear idea of the full costs involved and attached to your preferred new flooring of your dreams. The best approach When picking out new flooring, the best approach you can have is to have fun and enjoy it. Look at it as a creative art project and enjoy trying out different looks to see how your creative imagination brings out the interior decorator in you. These different looks of your very own creation can inspire and alter your entire home for the better. These foregoing questions you are to always ask yourself when you want new flooring are a great starting point to help you select the most perfect flooring for you that balances your wants, needs and budget requirements. Keep following up with your friendly neighborhood Olympia Floors for more wonderful flooring advice. Remember that we are Chicago’s own fully-stocked, world-class flooring center offering the highest quality services and materials at the greatest prices in the region. Olympia Floors is a one-stop flooring shop where you’ll find everything in the world in flooring, with a lifetime warranty on all our world-class floor installations. Come visit us TODAY and be mesmerized.

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