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Is putting carpet on your stairs a good idea?

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If you are confused about carpeting your floor, going through this blog might help you draw an end to all hesitations. In case you have already put carpets on the floor, matching it by putting the same on the stairs adds an additional beauty to the interior decor. Though carpeting stairs might cost you more, the benefits availed after the process of installation makes putting in your time and money worth it. 

There are various techniques which are adapted to install carpets on the stairs. The most prominent among them being the waterfall technique and the cap-and-band method. Carpeting stairs is quite a difficult task to execute as the carpet is needed to sit tightly on the stairs which can be achieved after rounds of tacking and tucking.

Now let us address the elephant in the room. We have talked about the perks of carpeting floors in the section below. Giving these pointers a diligent read might act effectively in ending all hesitations regarding putting carpets on floors.

  • Eased Stair Treads – Stairs generally have a sharp edge which can be a reason for getting hurt. Installing carpets makes the edge blunt and in turn, lessens down the chances of your feet getting hurt.
  • Alteration of Depth Perception – Uncarpeted stairs have well-defined lines and looks pretty steep. Whereas installation of carpets lessens down the depth of each stair, making the staircase look gentle.
  • Helps in Noise Reduction – Climbing on wooden staircases often cause a lot of noise. Putting carpets on the stairs helps to eliminate any sort of noise which can be caused due to walking on wooden stairs.
  • Adds Beauty to the Appearance – If your staircase doesn’t look good, installing carpets can make it look better and act as the icing on the cake.

Hence, in no way should you be hesitant about installing carpets on the staircase. Now the question of whom to choose to get the process done arises. In that case, you can rely on Olympia Floors. Located in Chicago, we provide all solution related to flooring and carpeting requirements. Our services are not just confined to stair carpeting but also include kitchen flooring, living room flooring, wooden flooring etc. So worry no more and rely on us for the best service at an affordable price. 

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