Is Underlay Required in Solid Wood Flooring?

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Is Underlay Required in Solid Wood Flooring?

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People often choose to install solid wood flooring in their house. What they are unaware of is the importance of installing underlayments before laying solid wood flooring. In this blog, we have provided the benefits of underlayments when installed with solid wood flooring. You are advised to read it to end all uncertainties related to the particular subject matter.

  • Acts as noise insulators – There is no doubt that solid wood floors look gorgeous but it has a bad reputation for acoustic properties. This means that walking on a floor made of solid wood flooring leads to the generation of a lot of noise. But installation of underlayments can be effective in reducing the impact noise that can be caused due to footsteps, furniture being moved or other airborne noises. An underlay can be particularly helpful if you are staying in a multistory apartment.
  • It has brilliant thermal insulation properties – This is another good feature of underlayments. An underlay minimizes heat from escaping through the floorboard, therefore it doesn’t make the solid wooden flooring too cold. 
  • Makes your life more comfortable – Installing underlayments provides you with a subtle cushioning effect. It should be noted that a high-quality underlay can also make your experience of walking on a solid wood floor a lot more pleasant.
  • Expands the life-span – Underlays also serve one more practical function, it helps in prolonging the life of your floors. Installing it reduces the level of wear and tear on the solid wood flooring. The basic reason behind is the underlayment enables the floor to absorb the shocks of people walking all over. It also acts as a vapor barrier that blocks the moisture from getting your floor and in turn keeping it in a good state.
  • Easy to install – Underlayments can also be very easily installed. To do so you will just have to lay it directly on to the screed. There is no requirement for expensive subfloors or any messy adhesives.

By now you must be aware of the benefits that can be obtained if anyone chooses to install underlayments along with solid wooden flooring. Are you thinking about whom to contact in order to fulfill your flooring needs? Don’t worry Olympia Floors is always here at your service. We offer excellent services that will fulfill all your flooring requirements ranging from installation of carpets to underlayments. So why wait anymore? Get in touch with our experts immediately. To know more, just visit our website.

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