Issues Regarding Marble Flooring

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Issues Regarding Marble Flooring

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Among all the flooring material marble has a separate elegance and beauty of its own, as it is a great flooring material. No matter whether it is used on the wall, floor, countertop, it provides an unmatched look to your home or office. Being a prospective buyer one must always consider the question, are marble floors safe? Are they slippery? 

This is the main area of concern for people. Someone has also probably slipped on hardwood, porcelain tile and even on carpets. Now the question arises: is slippery marble a big enough concern not to buy and install it? 

Polished marble flooring:

Polished marble floors have a shiny, glossy look as they are made of materials that are meant mainly for appearance rather than functionality. They are more prone to causing slipping. That is why this type of flooring is generally seen in areas with less foot traffic and more for exhibition purposes. Polished marble floors need utmost care and concern to maintain them in perfect condition all the time. 

Honed marble flooring:

If you want to avoid a slipping accident in your home while also maintaining the elegant look of marble flooring then honed marble is the best choice for you. Honed marble does not have the glossiness of polished marbles. Of course, the floor still has some slipperiness to it  – as all marble floors do – but it’s minimal compared to polished marble. For example, it will be slippery if you are walking out of the shower with wet feet. But it’s satin-like finish provides a much better grip than polished marble flooring. 

Polished marble floors are not too popularly used due to the risk of slipping if your feet aren’t dry. It is basically used for living rooms and entryways. Here comes the use of mats where you can wipe your feet and be safe from falling with polished floors. So it all depends on the floors. Marbles have many great advantages too. If you are just careful then you should not have any issue. 

Trust Olympia Floors to always serve you the best materials and our skilled technicians provide the best finishes and life to your floors. 

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