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Know about the best hardwood floor materials

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Wooden floors add a classy look to the interior decor of your house. Installing hardwood floors is also considered to be a wise investment as it increases the overall value of one’s house. Now, there are a wide variety of options available for wooden flooring. It is advisable to know all the details about these wooden flooring options before choosing any one of them. In this blog, we have covered all the information related to this topic which will end all your confusions.

Variety of Wooden Floors

  • Oak – This is one of the most popular types of wood which is used for flooring in today’s time. Oakwood is well known for its durability and is cheap compared to the rest of the options. If maintained properly, floors made of oak wood can last for almost a century. Oakwood floorings are also available in numerous colour variants such as classic yellowish-brown, hue closer to redwood, whitish-grey etc. 
  • Maple Maple is another type of wood which is used for flooring. This is very popular in hilly areas. The colour of maple wood is relatively lighter than that of oak. Maple wood is also used to make hard basketball courts. Hence, a clear idea about its durability can be gained from this example. 
  • Hickory – In case you want to install a floor which is made of hardwood then hickory should be your first peak. It is very resistant to dents and scratches as well. Hickory is pretty cheap if compared to the price which has to be paid for oak or maple floors.
  • Brazillian Cherry – This is one of the hardest types of wood available in the market for flooring. If maintained properly floors made of Brazilian cherry wood can last as long as the house. 
  • Bamboo – Though bamboo belongs to the grass family it is often considered to be an option for flooring. Bamboos can grow and garner its sustainability within a span of 3 to 5 years which is much less if compared with the other types of woods. The floors made of bamboo have a striking colour and also have a similar texture and design as that of other hardwoods. Though people are often confused about the longevity of bamboo as a flooring option but is said to last for almost 25 years. 

Giving the information given above will give you a clear idea about which option to choose that will fulfil all your flooring requirements. If you are looking for flooring services in or around Chicago, Olympia Floors is the one you should rely on. We have been in the business of flooring for quite a long time and are adept at providing effective solutions for all your flooring needs at an affordable price. To know more about the services offered by us, you can give the information available on our website a diligent read or contact us directly. 

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