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Know Everything About Great Kitchen Flooring

Olympia Floors

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of one’s house. Even if someone doesn’t have an interest in cooking pretty often, he/she might still want the kitchen to always look great. Olympia Floors is sure that you aren’t an exception. Good-looking kitchen flooring not just makes the jaws of your guests drop but also gives the house such a classy touch. It is because of this that Olympia Floors, as one of the leading names in flooring services in the Windy City, decided to create this blog to share with you the recipe to great-looking kitchen floors. The choices for flooring are many and mostly depend on your style preferences. So go through the blog below and become a master in kitchen floors.


This look can very easily be attained simply by installing the materials listed below.

  • Hardwood –  As we all know, hardwood is one of the common materials used in flooring and this stands true for kitchens as well. Solid hardwood installation not only increases the value of your house but also makes your kitchen look so very classy. Moreover, the material is soft underfoot so it feels very comfortable, something that is very welcome when you have to spend hours cooking for a feast. Olympia Floors often recommends that clients go for hardwood when it comes to kitchen flooring installation, for it even stays warmer during the cooler months compared to the other options. Go for it! There are two choices of hardwood floors: engineered and solid  –  both of them add elegance to any space. 
  • Tile –   People are often stuck when it comes down to picking between tile or wood flooring materials. Well, the modern solution would be to go with the tile because it looks like wood. Tile has become very popular these days as it provides the best perks of both worlds. Once you opt for tile, it is possible to get natural-looking grain along with a variety of color and durability. 
  • Luxury Vinyl –   Luxury Vinyl is known as an ideal material for kitchen flooring. The reason behind this is quite simple: Vinyl tiles are waterproof, stain-resistant, and tremendously durable. By installing this material in your kitchen you get the look of wood at such an economical price. Vinyl flooring is also soft underfoot and immensely comfortable. 
  • Laminate –  Laminate is so very easy to install, is affordable and so durable as well. Laminates are available in a variety of wood-look designs, making them one of the favorite picks for kitchen flooring. With the help of modern technology, laminates have now become quite durable, which was not always the case before.


The tile look can be attained by installing the following materials as kitchen flooring.

  • Porcelain & Ceramic Tile –  These tiles are almost synonymous with kitchen flooring and are very popular choices. Both ceramic tiles and porcelain are known to be extremely durable as well. They are also very easy to maintain and can be purchased at an affordable price. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in an assortment of multiple colors and patterns to choose from. 
  • Luxury Vinyl –  Not only is luxury vinyl stain-resistant but is also waterproof and durable in nature. When maintained properly, this material can last for more than 15 years. By choosing luxury vinyl, you achieve the look of tiles at a much cheaper price.

So that was it; Olympia Floors knows that going through this article has given you a crystal clear idea about the materials that make for great kitchen flooring. If you happen to be from the Chicago area and looking for reliable flooring services nearby, go straight to Olympia Floors. We are renowned for offering the very best all-round flooring services possible to all our clients. We are a full-service one-stop flooring center offering the highest quality flooring services at the greatest prices around. We carry a full inventory of all the existent flooring materials, styles, designs, trends, and colors from every brand name and install them for you too, all at the best prices around. So many, many years of experience and dedication in this wonderful profession have made us completely experienced and capable of fulfilling every kind of flooring requirement, and it’s never too difficult nor impossible for Olympia Floors. So you’d be wise to choose and trust us to turn all your floors into an impeccable work of art to your complete delight and full satisfaction. Simply go through our website and you’ll possess all the detailed knowledge of all the world-class assistance Olympia Floors has to offer you. Thank you so much.

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