Suitable Time to Install Hardwood Floors
Published on: December 25, 2020
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Know the Most Suitable Time to Install Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is one of the most popular options when it comes to installation of new flooring. There are certain factors that make it an ideal choice. In this blog, we chose to enlighten you on the best time to install them rather than discuss their advantages and benefits. Folks often go with renovations during the holidays but they are not the ideal time to actually start installing brand new hardwood flooring. Ergo, going through this blog is of effective help to also keep you on point and ahead of the issues to be faced. 

Wood is a porous material that absorbs moisture from building surfaces and air. Therefore, seasons like spring and monsoon are not the best times for hardwood flooring installation. It is, of course, possible to get the job done during these times but would be a hassle you are trying to avoid and want to avoid, because it’d be more tedious and requires the adoption of more measures. Olympia Floors know all too well that the chances of things going wrong are high during this time. Autumn or the “fall” as we call it, is one of the most suitable times of the year to install any sort of wooden flooring because you face fewer troubles or high humidity. 

Renovation of your house includes a lot of tasks, i.e painting of walls, installing kitchen cabinets or interior painting, etc., apart from the installation of your brand new hardwood floors. If you are having several services done at once, Olympia Floors advises you to schedule your flooring installation for last. Always keep in mind that wet paint on the walls is also capable of emitting enough humidity that can affect the wooden planks. You should be very careful to avoid such conditions.

Folks generally rely on professional, experienced contractors to install their new floors for them. But always remember that it is necessary to find top-quality flooring service and not just anyone. Many a time flooring contractors promise you the moon, a speedy floor installation, but they hardly let you know that poorly acclimated planks can with time lead to groaning and squeaking noise. This is where Chicago’s own world-class Olympia Floors differs from the rest of the flooring service providers: Our primary focus is always to satisfy all our clients with the overall quality and expense of the result and not be uncaring about the client and just look for profit. By now you should be aware of the various factors to consider when installing hardwood floors. If you have decided to have wooden floors installed in your house, don’t forget to get in touch with the best in this field! Olympia Floors has been 100% satisfactorily fulfilling all of our clients’ flooring requirements for many, many years of experience. We offer you a Lifetime Installation Warranty and the most reasonable prices in the region. Olympia Floors is also a full-service, complete one-stop shop of the highest quality. We pledge to always provide you the very best service at a pocket-friendly price. So fret not about the installation of your brand new hardwood floors as Olympia Floors’ specialists are here to have your back.

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