Know Which Things to Avoid When Installing New Floors

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Know Which Things to Avoid When Installing New Floors

Olympia Floors

People often choose to upgrade the interior decor of their homes by installing new carpets and floors. Just like most things in life, they must be done right so they can look impeccable and also avoid inconveniences. In this blog, Olympia Floors provides you with the things you cannot do when installing new flooring. This rule applies regardless of whether you’re installing luxury vinyl, laminate, or hardwood; these few things always remain the same. Please go through the section below and the installation of your new floor will come out right. 

  • The installation should not be performed on the very same date that you bring home the flooring material. This stands so very true especially in the case of hardwood flooring material. You must know that wood takes time to acclimate itself to your home, so it is very important to let the floors adjust to the new environment. The installation process is made easier and the odds of future warping decrease when you refrain from same-day installation, as any moisture in the air during installation can harm the flooring. Issues that are caused by humidity and dryness can be prevented by planning your floor installation for the spring or fall.
  • Your new floors shouldn’t be installed without a solid foundation either, or else you’ll experience creaking floorboards. Ergo, make sure that you prep your sub-flooring prior to the installation to ensure that your new floor will have a stable surface to lay on.
  • Take into account the shape of the room where your new floor will be installed, as not all rooms are perfect squares, and have its exact measurements jotted down before you initiate the installation process. Once you start laying down new floors  –  especially long planks in straight lines  –  you might realize that the room is not a perfect square or rectangle.
  •  Never risk initiating the installation of your new floor without a proper plan. It must be noted that the process of floor installation and/or refinishing requires adequate expertise, experience, time, and patience for everything to turn out 100%. You must plan the order in which the planks are to be installed  –  otherwise known as racking  –  so you’ll have a scope to plan out the placement of patterns, lengths, etc.

It is understandable if, even after giving this blog a read, you still harbor any confusion or uncertainty about what not to do during the installation of new flooring  –  in which case it is highly recommended that you leave this task to the professionals. Olympia Floors is a world-class, one-stop flooring center specializing in every kind of top-quality installation at the best prices around. Our experts exceed client expectations when they get the job done and at such a great price. Olympia Floors loves it for you and your family to enjoy your lovely floors for so many years to come. So just leave it all to us and bask in all the excellent flooring services at Olympia Floors. We never disappoint you when we always carry all the flooring products you love and possess the skills to ensure the results are what you envisioned. Visit us TODAY!

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