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Learn All About Stain-Resistant Carpet Materials

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People who follow the recent trends in interior decor must be aware of the carpets that are trending today. Carpets are awesome, but regular maintenance to floor carpeting can be a very difficult task. Carpets can easily get stained or dirty due to food debris, spilled beverages, pet accidents, rust, ink marks, etc. But there are stain-resistant carpet materials that make cleaning them so much simpler and easier to do since you never have to attempt to remove a stain from them. In this blog, we provide a list of such materials in the tips below. Go through them so you can be thoroughly informed: 

  • Wool – It should be noted that wool is naturally a stain-resistant material. Wool is also soft and thus provides comfort. If you have children and pets, carpets made of wool would be an ideal pick. Even though they might feel a bit expensive when compared to other materials, purchasing wool carpets is an investment worth making due to their sustainability and long-lasting durability.
  • Nylon –  Nylon is another stain-resistant material commonly used for making carpets. You must be aware of the fact that nylon is not a natural fiber and is made with a stain-resistant coating. This coating enables the carpets to resist any sort of stains and spills with ease. Maintaining nylon carpets is also easy. All you have to do is clean them with soap and water. This makes it one of the best choices for households with pets and children. Nylon is also a durable material so it is the perfect option for carpets in rooms and hallways.
  • Polyester – Carpets made of polyester are bold, soft, and strong. Just like nylon, polyester is not a natural fiber and is coated to make it stain-resistant. Polyester is a softer material than nylon and hence makes a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms. If you prefer to use products that are environmentally friendly, then opt for PET polyester which is made from recycled plastic. Carpets made of polyester are relatively inexpensive as well.

You now know the specific kinds of carpets that are stain-resistant and can be maintained with ease. Pick the one that best suits your requirements among the lot and add a new touch to the interior decor of your house. There are various companies that offer carpet flooring along with several other flooring services. You can hire one of them to have your carpeting work completed. But before hiring anyone, make sure you gather detailed information about the company and that you are also clear on the price they charge. Of course, it is always advisable to go for the best service at a reasonable price. Olympia Floors in Chicago is one of the best world-class floor refinishing companies in the town. We skillfully encounter all difficulties on behalf of our valued clients, while they invest their valuable time and effort in areas of their actual interest. Therefore, if you are contemplating installing carpets on your floors or wish to make other modifications, then get in touch with our specialists right away.

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