Secrets from the Best Installer of Hardwood Floors.

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Secrets from the Best Installer of Hardwood Floors

Olympia Floors

Olympia Floors knows that hardwood has emerged as one of the most popular materials used in flooring. However, people are often confused about its installation process. This can become a probable cause for the hindrance and hesitation in investing on renovations. In this blog, Olympia Floors, as a leading flooring service, provides you with certain secrets in floor installation. Go through these helpful tips to end all confusion and uncertainties related to this topic. 

  • Sanding is equally difficult like finishing  –  You might be thinking that getting a nice coat of stain or varnish will be an easy task to perform. But this is to let you know that removing the old stain or varnish off the floor is the first difficulty that you will have to encounter. Doing this required task in an improper manner will make your floor look bad. Therefore, do not take the risk and get in touch with an expert flooring service for assistance.
  • Improper sanding can yield negative results  –  The basic goal of sanding is to fully prepare the floor for finishing. But if the sanding is done by someone who is inexperienced in it, it leads to certain avoidable issues such as gouging, sanding against the grain and damages to the wood’s patterns, etc.  
  • Deposition of dust can do serious damage  –  You might not know how damaging dust is to your hardwood floors. Properly cleaning the floor is quite a difficult task. An improperly prepped workspace leads to dust in every nook and cranny in your home, in furniture fibers, and much more.
  • Not all floorboards are factory finished   –  The floorboards you purchase from flooring centers often require proper finishing before or after installation. This is a process that certainly requires adequate expertise. You should know that no matter how lovely a stain looks on a floor, it just doesn’t go with every kind of wood. Some stains conceal gorgeous grain, for instance, while others simply don’t show off the wood to best effect. Only experts know the techniques that ensure your new hardwood floor optimally shines.
  • Methods of replacement vary from one material to another  –   It is a known fact that the refinishing technique is not the same for floors made of different materials. If you can’t identify the material of your floor or are unaware of how to perform this task with accuracy, hire professionals.

If you are looking for a reliable flooring company providing excellent flooring and carpeting services in and around Chicago, Olympia Floors is your ideal choice. In timesaving fashion, we provide every flooring service with the highest of qualities at the most reasonable prices around. Our specialists leave you thrilled for more. So simply contract Olympia Floors and you’ll forget all your worries about the flooring requirements you have pending.

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