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Olympia is the best, hands down. Not only are we a one-stop shop,

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Olympia is the best, hands down. Not only are we a one-stop shop,

but we are also caring, responsible, honest, and reliable


When choosing the materials for your kitchen be sure to select durable materials that are versatile against wear and tear. We hardly realize the significance of flooring in the overall look of the kitchen. We provide flooring services that can match any taste including natural stone, ceramic tile, laminated flooring, vinyl flooring, and fancy tiles that will make your kitchen more classic and fun to be in.


The living room is perhaps the most happening portion of your home. It’s where people meet each other to interact or social gatherings take place. Therefore, it is necessary to have the ideal flooring for your living room, one that will have a positive impact and spread good vibes. This is why you must choose the right flooring for your living room, one that is comfortable, beautiful, and durable enough for high-traffic areas.

Living room floors will enhance the look of your home with a touch of elegance, it also adds value to your home. Whether spending time with friends or enjoying a lazy, summer afternoon at home with your loved ones, a new living room floor can give your house a whole new look and feel of elegance. If you are looking to be inspired, come and view Olympia Floorings’ vast selection of living room themes.


Floor carpeting has become a very popular trend in today’s times. Additionally, it can be cheaper when compared to most other flooring solutions. There are carpets of many different quality types, styles, and materials, such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, and wool, etc. Therefore, Olympia Floors carries a wide selection of styles of carpets for you to choose from so you can select the ideal one that fulfills all your personal needs.

Carpet also provides a comfortable place to sit, play, or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling. Carpeted floors serve as noise reduction to reduce the sounds around you. This is very important for people who work from home or have large families. The beauty and feel of carpets is glorious and also very appealing.


A home is made safer and more inviting and cozier by the touch of warmth that stair carpeting adds to it. It greatly reduces noise and its softer landing provides more traction and adds safety by preventing slips and falls and serious injuries. The color of your home’s décor can be complemented by the matching color you choose in your stair carpeting.

Stairs carpeting will also reduce the noise of squeaky wooden floors by applying absorbent padding that absorbs all unnecessary noise.  When temperatures get cool, carpets trap the heat in the house and can be much warmer under your feet as well. Carpets runners will provide your home with a warmer look overall.


Wooden floors provide a classic touch to every room, and have so many great benefits to them. Some of the advantages you enjoy in having a wooden flooring is that it enhances the look of the home, is strong and durable, adds value to your home, has low maintenance and is easy to clean, looks great in all décor theme, is long-lasting and cost-effective, can be refinished, and improves the acoustics of the home.

The natural texture of Wooden floors creates an appeal for home owners as it enhances the beauty of their home. Wooden flooring is extremely durable and with the right kind of care, it can last a lifetime. Wooden flooring will also increase the value of your home if you ever plan to sell it. Olympia Flooring has a huge selection of styles to choose from.

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