Steps on How to Maintain Your Carpet in the Winter

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Steps on How to Maintain Your Carpet in the Winter

Olympia Floors

Just as Olympia Floors has said in some of our previous blogs, today the demand for carpet installation has increased. As a world-class flooring company providing floor and carpet installation services of the highest quality for such a long time now, we are often asked what is the best way to maintain carpets, especially during the winter. Ergo, in this blog, Olympia Floors has put forward all the steps that should be followed in order to best maintain your carpets during the winter; following these steps will not only make your carpet look brand new but also increases its lifespan. Carpet flooring is very comfortable but also durable if you take good care of it. 

The winter months bring with them slush, snow, mud and salt, all of which are detrimental to your carpets. So please read the section below very thoroughly to learn how to best maintain your carpet during the chilly months.

To help prevent debris from being tracked into your home, you should keep mats at every entrance at all times. A durable outdoor doormat must be kept outside your entrance permanently with additional mats indoors for a double-duty approach. Keep in mind always that it is necessary to clean not only the inside of your home but its outside surroundings as well. This includes sweeping your deck, garage, porch, and steps, etc., to clear away dirt, leaves, and other debris, in order to minimize what can be tracked indoors from the wind, your pets, or your shoes. Also, get into the habit of always removing your shoes or boots (footwear) before walking inside your house. One must ensure that even the paws of the pets (if any) are clean.

We can all appreciate how great white carpets look and how much class they add to the house. White carpets and any colored carpet require to be vacuumed and spot cleaned as often as possible during the winter. Olympia Floors advises that the high traffic areas of your carpeting be vacuumed at least two times a week to collect all debris and prevent the ingrainedness of spills, dust and dirt. 

A lot of parties are thrown and celebrated during the winter, especially due to the holidays, so spills and stains are inevitable. That’s no need for concern when one knows these carpet cleaning and maintaining steps because with this proper plan and effort the stains and spills will stand no chance against you and your carpet. Never forget that the longer you let a spill get comfortable sitting on your beautiful carpet, the greater the odds are of it turning out to be a permanent resident (on your carpet).

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