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Why Go For Vinyl Tiles?

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If you have an affinity for learning about the recent flooring trends, knowing about vinyl tiles is pretty common. As a world-class flooring company, we have often been asked why one should choose this particular material when it comes to the installation of a new floor. This blog will answer all such questions and also end all uncertainties regarding this topic. In case you want a natural flooring look and also go easy on maintenance, luxury vinyl tile is an ideal pick. Give the reasons provided below a thorough read and you’ll have reasons to go for LVTs (luxury vinyl tiles).

  • Style is the first reason that makes vinyl tiles a perfect alternative for other natural flooring options like wood and stone. They have a very realistic look and are also available in various shapes and sizes. So why wait anymore? They’re a good and long-lasting product at an affordable price, so go for it.
  • Another important reason that makes vinyl tiles a perfect choice for rooms is their durability. This type of tile is made up of various layers that make it more stable and strong. Luxury vinyl tiles are also considered to be the most resilient flooring option due to their film layer covered with UV-curved urethane. They are also scratch, stain and scuff resistant.
  • Vinyl tiles are also waterproof in nature. If you have children at home, it is imperative for milk or other liquids to get spilled. In that case, the installation of vinyl tile is a perfect choice. You must also be aware of the fact that this type of tile is also known to be pet-proof.
  • You must be happy to know that unlike hardwood, the process of cleaning vinyl tile is very simple. The protective layer that we were talking about in the tip above helps the tile remain brand new for years to come. All you need to do is use a broom on a regular basis. 
  • One’s budget often acts as a major restraint when it comes to the installation of a new floor. Vinyl tile is cheap when compared to other options such as hardwood. Therefore, you can get the floor you want at an affordable price.

So the next time you think about what to choose when it comes to the installation of a new floor just remember vinyl tiles can be a perfect option. Olympia Floors in Chicago offers excellent flooring solutions. Get in touch with us and have vinyl tiles installed at your place.

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